Welcome to the right lifestyle
You don’t want your student to waste valuable school work and study time by dealing with unpleasant landlords. At Angelo Place, we believe your student’s environment is a key component to their academic success and overall well-being, which is why we provide a safe, interactive community that allows them to grow lasting relationships and rewarding college experience.

A good home is more than just an apartment
We offer students more than a just a place to catch up on some sleep. The college experience isn’t contained to the classroom, and we are here to make sure every student has a well-rounded college adventure that will help propel them into a successful future.

Expert on-site teams
Our hours are not just from 9 to 5. We have a member of the team available 24/7 who are experienced in addressing your student’s needs no matter what time of day they need it. We understand the importance of maintenance needs and our goal is to complete submitted work orders within 24 hours of their submission (with comfort and life safety issues addressed immediately). We believe it is our role to provide timely, professional service to the people who call Angelo Place home.

Individual lease liability
Did your student’s roommate not pay their share of rent again? At Angelo Place, you and your student are not responsible for anyone else, including roommates. There is no liability on your end to pay the rent of any other resident or roommate, which is a huge advantage over most apartments and rental properties. Student dynamics can change at anytime, and Angelo Place makes sure these dynamics never financially impact you or your student.

Value doesn’t mean low quality
The common cliché you get what you pay for doesn’t quite apply to us—we strive to give you even more. While nearby apartments may offer lower rent, we feature luxurious and spacious units (with a plethora of modern conveniences) and plenty of community (social and recreational) activities that make sure you get the best value possible.

Roommate matching
Finding a good roommate used to take pure luck, but now we have a roommate matching system that helps find the most compatible roommates possible. Our system allows residents to build a personal and gives them the opportunity to find a roommate with similar hobbies, habits and studying practices.